1. Meet Figtree

    You know sometimes you do a stupid thing and it turns out to be so much more fun than doing the sensible thing that you really can't seem to shake it?

    Meet Figtree, my latest stupid thing.

    figtree_is {
        "noded": "configuration",
        "it looks": "a bit like JSON",
        except {
            "for": "these ...
  2. Shell Completion in Fish

    I use the fish shell as my go-to shell. It's fun, it's colourful, it's full of features, and I'd highly recommend it. One of those features is a shell-completion mechanism in the form of the complete command. Now many other shells have completion, but for now ...

  3. A Collection of Benchmarks that I Found Useful

    As Donald Knuth once explained, 97% of a programmer's time should be spent making their code as fast as possible. (The other 3% is waiting for the code to compile.) Most programmers have a host of shortcuts, tricks, and clever codes up their sleeves to ensure that their code ...

  4. The Definitive Guide to Copying and Pasting in JavaScript (the other kind...)

    Step 1: Don't.

    Stop. You don't want flashing lights. You don't want snowflake all over your page. You don't want a trail of happy faces that will follow your cursor all around your page. We left these things in decades past for a reason, dammit! Keep ...

  5. I Made A Thing. Then I Learned Some More Things.

    I made a thing. The thing is called "The WFE Thing", because I am unoriginal with names. It is a thing for WFEs, which are World Factbook Entries, which are a part of a not-particularly-famous game called NationStates. The importance of WFEs is hard to understand unless you understand raiding ...

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